The Professor Lambo Story

Professor Lambo is your run of the mill eccentric genius. Having made several scientific breakthroughs in building mazes for lab rats, Professor Lambo started building mazes for other animals. He then started experimenting with his own variety of animals affectionately referred to as Critters.

His latest maze construction is so complex that many believe it to be impossible to get out of. Professor Lambo was last seen entering his own maze and by all accounts he has never returned.

Join in the madness and pick a door. There are lots of keys, prizes and gold to collect and if you’re lucky you might even find one of the Professor’s Critters. Rumor has it that you may even find the Professor. Slide, climb, run and gallop your way through the maze but remember, once you go through a door, you can’t turn back.

Click here to play now.

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New Collectables in the Maze

There are some new, rare collectables being found in the maze. They are retro styled puzzle cubes but the professor has a different name for them.

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Eggs and Plants in the High Score List

Professor Lambo's Magnificent Maze EggYou can now compete with your friends to get onto the high score lists for eggs and plants. It was an egg-cellent idea of someone to plant the idea in our minds.

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Buy Key Packs in the Maze Shop

By popular demand, you can now buy key packs in the Maze Shop. There are currently 4 different packs that you can buy with a range of different key combinations. If you need a particular key, make sure you read the item description.

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Extend your Trophy Room

Is your Trophy Room getting a little cramped? Head to the Maze Shop and you can buy an extension. There are three levels of extension available.

Gee if only all renovations were this quick?

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The Key Swap Vending Co.

Several maze adventurers have reported seeing strange vending machines from the Key Swap Vending Co. Apparently these machines let you trade keys. Some machines let you trade up, some machines let you trade down. If you are far enough into the maze, keep a look out for them.

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Thunder Key Thursday

To celebrate the public beta launch we will be running our first special event. Next Thursday we will have our first ever “Thunder Key Thursday”. From midnight Thursday March 24 (central USA time GMT-6) for 24 hours, you can get bonus keys in your hourly packs. The more hourly packs you get, the higher the bonus key will be.

  1. Standard pack
  2. Standard pack
  3. Bonus Red Key
  4. Bonus Green Key
  5. Bonus Blue Key
  6. Bonus Pink Key
  7. Bonus Bronze Key
  8. Bonus Silver Key
  9. Bonus Gold Key
  10. Bonus Rainbow Key
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How to Feed Critters

You can now feed your Critters.

  1. Click on the Trophy Room
  2. Select a food item from your inventory or from within your Trophy Room
  3. Drag the item over the top of a Critter
  4. A pop up will confirm how many points you received

You can feed each of your Critters, 1 item of food per day. The timer is reset when you collect your daily pack. Different food items will give you different amounts of experience points and this is also determined by the level you are at.

The more Critters you have, the more you can feed, the quicker you will progress.

Hint: Don’t feed all of your food to the Critters in your Trophy Room. Keep some back in case you find a new Critter in the maze.

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New Feature: Feed your Critters

New Feature: You can now feed your critters in the trophy room

Head to the instructions page to find out more about feeding your Critters.

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Lambo Beakers

You will earn 1 Lambo Beaker each time you level up. Lambo Beakers can be used in the Maze Shop to get all sorts of valuable prizes. Read the descriptions to make sure you know what you are buying.

Hint: When buying something that increases your hourly pack, buy it on a day that you can log in as many times as you are able to. That way you will maximise your value.

You can also donate towards the development of the game by buying Lambo Beakers. The more you buy, the better the value. Payments are handled by PayPal. You can still donate even if you don’t have a PayPal account, though PayPal will ask you for more security information.

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Spin the Wheel

Professor Lambo invented all sorts of strange contraptions to assist people through the maze. Some contraptions are… well just plain weird, but others are quite useful. A great way to get extra items, keys and to level up is to “Spin the Wheel”.

Wheel spins start at 100 gold and double with each spin. The price is reset every 24 hours and you can track the time by the countdown timer on the right. The value of the prizes on the wheel increases with each spin within a 24 hour period.

Spin the wheel by pressing either of the SPIN buttons. The top one will use your gold and the lower one will use any Spin Vouchers that you have collected.

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